Terminal North's KYC Tool Apollo

Enabling your KYC and Compliance.

Terminal North's Apollo

Enable your KYC and Compliance.

As the significance of Know Your Customer (KYC) is becoming increasingly important, Apollo is Terminal North’s solution to optimize KYC and Compliance processes while reducing risk.

Optimize KYC processes Reduce risk Real time dashboard

Bird's-eye view

Get a bird's-eye view on the status of your KYC identifications.

Apollo helps you to take away stress and guesswork related to outstanding KYC cases by providing a bird's-eye view on the progress and outcomes of all cases. Your employees know when and how to follow up.

Real time identification update bird's-eye view Know when and how to follow up

Optimize KYC process

Easily create and send out KYC links to customers.

Forget about wasting time with mailing back and forth while trying to retrieve information from your customers. Save time and reduce errors by streamlining this process through sending out KYC identification links and following the progress in Apollo.

Save time Reduce errors and coordination Increase identification efficiency

Customer happiness

Ensure customer happiness by updating them on progress.

There is no need for customers to call you for an update on the progress of their identification. They can simply follow the updates in their dashboard. This leads to customer happiness, as the customers feel they are in control of the process.

Clear progress updates for customers Increased customer transparency Less coordination with customers

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